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Stone Floor Polishing and Honing
Stone floors can be the jewel to your home, but after years of foot traffic your glossy stone can appear dull and unappealing.  A diamond for example at first might seem ugly and unappealing in its raw state, but after an intensive cutting process it is transformed!  
Here is an example of a stone floor we are preparing to hone.  First access your floor and what needs to be done to bring it to the desired shine.  Then put a protective layer of paper your cabinets or appliances.  Now we are ready to begin. 

Step 1: We thoroughly sweep your floor from debris 

Step 2: We fill holes (commonly seen in travertine) with a             buffing compound that hardens to the strength of             the stone

Step 3: We start with a 400grit or 200 grit to 800 to             3000 grit depending on the polish desired
The stone is not glossy by means any wax or finish. Our wet grinding process allows the natural beauty to show through.  
What type of stone do I have? 
click the stone that closely resembles yours.
Step 4: For the final polish we use an acidic or other             polishing compound with horse hair pad

Step 5: Now it is time to scrub the grout lines with an             alkaline grout cleaning also acts to neutralize acid             from the polish

Step 6: Your stone now needs protection so we seal the             stone and grout.

Step 7:  If necessary we finish with a final buffing removing             any residue from the previous steps.

Your stone floor needs your help and care to preserve the life of your floor, otherwise your floor could develop more serious problems later.