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Hi, my name is Gene Moreno I have been in the professionally cleaning carpets for over 30 years!  As a teenager I started my own cleaning business from the ground up and it has expanded throughout the years.

In 1982 he decided to focus on carpet and upholstery cleaning and since then, many other services have been added. There was a point where we needed to decide to grow to a large company or keep it "small". We decided to keep it simple. So down to this day we only run two or maybe three vans at a time. This has proven to be wise as it affords us the time to keep our outstanding quality and the chance to focus on the things that really matter in life.  

Rose my wife handles the phones, schedules the appointment and checks with you after the job has been completed a couple days later, to see how things turned out.  My technicians, Jaime, Josh and Zach, have been thoroughly trained in almost every situation that may come up.  The experience that I have, I have past on to them.  My wife and I always to keep a warm and friendly atmosphere in the our workplace and that is reciprocated to our customers.  We view our business model more like a family.  My customers often call me to get advice or tips about their flooring or window covers; feel free to ask me whatever question you have about your flooring.

I want you to have complete confidence when choosing "A Nu-Look Cleaning and Restoration".  All my years of experience focused on the sole purpose of providing you "the most thorough cleaning ever"!  

Our Mission
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Our goal is to keep your home or business clean and beautiful.  There is nothing like stepping into a clean home after work or school.  Of course, as you must realize keeping a home clean is difficult to say the least.  If you have children or pets that possibility seems to disappear.  

We are dedicated to provide you with the best cleaning service possible at a reasonable price.  There are plenty of carpet cleaners out there and frankly i am sure there some that will charge you a smaller price.  Often you get what you pay for, we as a company are always trying to keep up with new cleaning techniques and technology. 

Every surface we encounter we first access, clean and finally protect.  The last step protect many seem to forget or disregard because they think it is a scam. That can't be further from the truth!  To see why watch the MAXIM ADVANCED protector presentation by clicking "service" tab then click to carpet cleaning and scroll down.  There you will find your questions answered.